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Many organizations struggle with identifying the value of project management. This struggle often produces multiple failed or restarts of creating their Project Management Offices (PMOs). Use our expertise to build a successful PMO today!


The reason for the struggle is that organizations state that they want PMOs and want better project management and either do not know how to implement them or lack the discipline to follow through with what it takes to become better in project management.

IT departments struggle more than ever to deliver projects on time, with quality and within budget. But with today’s emphasis on more strategic projects with better ROI, IT and organizations must have better visibility and control with projects. That challenge has led many to turn to Project Management Offices as a way to boost IT efficiency, cut costs, and improve on project delivery in terms of time and budget. A Project Management Office (PMO) should add collective visibility, governance, repeatable processes, and project management mentorship. Providing clear benefits to key stakeholders is the critical success factor. R2 Consulting can help with the development and roadmap to setting up a PMO that will add benefits and ROI to any organization. The key differentiator is that R2 will provide measurable results that will directly link the growth of project management and the PMO to bottom line results for any organization.

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