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Enabling The Value of Project Management

R2 Consulting, LLC was founded in 2009 by Rick A. Morris with a simple purpose: build a consulting company that would innovate and inspire the project management industry to enable the value of project management. Using companies such as Dell and Southwest that were unafraid to break the mold as inspirations, Rick used his vast experience in consulting at previous organizations such as GE, Xerox, and CA to build an organization that challenges the traditional consulting models. R2 works diligently with its Clients to ensure that engagements are completed accurately, efficiently, and with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and self-sufficiency. The goal of R2 Consulting is to make every hour spent working for a client a valuable hour.

R2 is technology and platform agnostic and is unique in that while its consultants are very technology savvy, they were also C-level executives and project sponsors of the platforms that they support. This means that when they lead implementations, their consultants truly understand the business needs and ramifications of decisions rather than being interested, like so many other firms, in simply billing as many hours as possible without taking responsibility for whether or not the client is actually happy with the business results of the product’s use. The client base for R2 Consulting includes companies from various industry sectors including Healthcare, Retail, Government, Insurance, Clinical Research, Construction, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Entertainment, and many more. They have serviced several Fortune 50 clients as well as start-ups proving no company is too big or too small to benefit from their expertise.

Their approach for implementations is based on a three tier philosophy:

• Foundation (Crawl): Establish a common understanding of terms, process, and common habits.

• Automation (Walk): Leverage technology investments to automate communications and tasks to ensure the greatest level of productivity

• Innovation (Run): When the first two levels are achieved, then the organization can truly be innovative in tools and techniques by ensuring that business data is available, quantifiable, and actionable.

Utilizing this approach, R2 has delivered some phenomenal results for clients. For instance, a large oil and gas firm was able to save $3.7M in its first year by implementing an automated gate process and saved another $14M investment in their current PPM tool through their engagement with R2. In another instance, a Clinical Research Outsourcing organization brought in R2 to build a technology platform to be one of the first in the industry to predict resource utilization based on enrollment modeling of patient pharmaceutical studies. R2 was able to identify an invalid assumption in the system design which saved millions of dollars in training and created a system that was delivered 14 months earlier than anticipated. In yet another instance, R2 delivered a resource scheduling system for a client which 5 previous consulting firms were unable to move past the design phase. The scheduling system is now live and in production. These are just a few of the many success stories of how the unique blend of expertise and philosophy continue to create raving fans of R2.

R2 forms strategic partnerships with organizations that have similar client philosophies, however, they are not a reseller for any specific software product and do not accept any incentives from any of those partners. When recommendations are made for technology partners, they are made solely with the best interests of their clients in mind. Working in this manner, R2 Consulting continues to earn the trust of its clients and has consistently grown revenue by 80% year over year as a result. They hope that you will consider becoming one of their next highly satisfied and long-term clients.

Are you ready to set your brand or business on the path to success? Give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did.

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